Carùs Compositesis is the ideal solution for companies in the composite sector looking for a core material that can offer variable thicknesses, complex shapes (sinuous, three-dimensional), limit waste and reduce their lead times.
We support our customers during the design phase, creating a perfectly tailored product that thoroughly respects all customer needs.
Carùs Composites is ideal for the automotive, transportation, boating, and wind energy sectors.
Quality is guaranteed by checks carried out during production via the use of industrial computerised tomography.

The new core material.

Carùs’ R&D department has dedicated the last few years to the development of a preformed core material for the composite materials sector that can be produced using moulding in order to increase efficiency in the composite materials sector.
INTIVATO is characterised by its high adaptability and versatility.



  • ability to create complex shapes
  • high stability at high temperatures
  • lightweight (75kg/m3)
  • tailored to R.T.M. (resin transfer moulding)
  • suitable for autoclaving
  • suitable for press forming
  • suitable for mass production


INTIVATO is a tailor-made product, get in touch, with no obligation, and we’ll see how we can meet your needs.