We offer customers over thirty years of experience, supporting them during the design phase, making sure that we find the best solution and cost/benefit ratio.
In order to guarantee high product performance, we make prototypes with the chosen material to optimise the test phase.


After the co-engineering phase, we create moulds for production. Our consolidated experience, state-of-the-art technology and specialised technical professionals allow for an efficient and punctual service.

All moulds are made with potential future changes in mind, making them more convenient in the long term.


Polyurethane injection moulding is incorporated into an automated process using the latest technology. Our technical department and specialised members of staff carefully follow each step of the moulding process to monitor quality. We also offer a wide range of finishes.


We offer a warehouse measuring 500m2 entirely dedicated to storing customer moulds.


Carùs’ R&D department continues to tirelessly optimise the production process and improve product quality.
A state-of-the-art industrial tomograph has recently been introduced, capable of scanning large objects in a short space of time, with a resolution of 100 microns.
Industrial Computerised Tomography (CT) and Digital Radiology (DR) can be used to carry out in-depth quality checks for measurements and to identify porosity and cracks.
Our innovative computerised tomography service is available to customers, allowing for increased quality and quality control levels.


Technical features

  • Max Reconstruction Diameter of the scanned object: 580 mm
  • Max Reconstruction Length of the scanned object: 10 m
  • Max Diameter of the scanned object: 700 mm
  • Flat Panel Detector: 430 x 430 mm
  • Outstanding Image Resolution: 3072 x 3072 pixel @ 139 um
  • Excellent Voxel Reconstruction: down to 100 um
  • Up to 5760 images per turn for an unsurpassed spatial resolution
  • Scan Time: 60 s/stack (stack volume: 600×200 mm @ standard mode)
  • Reconstruction Time: about 90 s/stack @ 300 um voxel
  • X-RAY Source up to 150 KV/250 mA
  • X-RAY Tube with a double air-liquid chiller for a nonstop using
  • CT/DR/FL multi-purpose system
  • Voxel optimized for CFRP and Aluminium Alloy Defect Analysis
  • VGStudio MAX fully compatible
  • Dicom 3.0 and PACS compliance
  • Scannable materials: all materials with a density equal to or lower than titanium,such as plastics, polyurethanes, rubbers, composite materials, aluminium.